Body Awareness 101: Part 1


Monday, July 01, 2024
07:30 AM – 08:15 AM



Part I: Head, Neck, Arms, Hands & Feet

During this three-part workshop series we’ll cover common (inefficient) postural, tension & breath patterns among organists through self-myofascial release and gentle movement sequences. Postural / tension / breath patterns covered will include: shoulder & upper back rounding, forward head posture, lower back tension, head / neck / face tension, shallow breathing, abdominal clenching and more. This workshop series will give organists simple, easily replicable exercises they can integrate into their regular practice routine to maintain efficient posture and reduce stiffness / discomfort while playing the organ.

Common issues covered: • shoulder + upper back rounding • forward head posture • lower back tension • head / neck / face tension • shoulder tension • abdominal tension • shallow breathing • stiffness in the hands, arms and shoulders • cramping in the feet (arches)