Getting Organized with Technology


Tuesday, July 02, 2024
10:00 AM – 10:45 AM



The rapidly changing world of technology can be an incredible asset to organists. You may have seen an increase in other musicians using tablets or other devices to read scores and mark scores and quickly turn pages. These tools can make playing the organ more efficient and can drastically reduce the amount of sheet music you carry with you on a regular basis. This workshop class will focus on the applications available for scanning and storing sheet music on a digital device, the applications available to view and perform music in real time, and devices that can help you turn pages with ease. With applications like ForScore and MobileSheets, you can store tens of thousands of scores, organize your digital libraries, and even highlight and mark your scores. You can easily search your array of collected scores by whatever criteria you choose, such as genre, key, composer, or any other user-defined tags. Beside sheet music reading, there are applications and devices for a variety of other uses, including metronomes, practice journals, audio and video recording, and virtual meeting software for teaching or taking lessons remotely. We will also examine note writing software, digital audio workstations for recording and editing music, and composition applications that can be used anywhere. We will broadly look at the available landscape of technology that helps organists focus on what matters most; making music effectively.