From iPad to Organ — Tech Tips


Monday, July 01, 2024
10:00 AM – 10:45 AM



With ForScore, storing and reading sheet music has never been easier. This application for iOS allows users to store hundreds of thousands of scores, easily search and sort your music, and perform the music effectively in a live setting. Newer versions of iPads will even allow you to turn the page with simply a nod of the head. This workshop will focus on the process of taking your hard copy of a score, scanning each page and importing it into ForScore. From there, the music is given a label and appropriate tags. That music can then be put into a setlist and arranged in order with other scores. ForScore’s features include a built in metronome, audio recording capability, and shortcuts that can take you from any score to a specific page in the same score or a different score with the push of a button. ForScore allows you to mark, highlight, or write finger numbers or pedal markings into the score with a touch of your finger, and these markings can be easily erased. If you have an iPad, and you would like to incorporate it more into your music, this workshop will help you take those crucial steps into digitizing your library. With ForScore, you can carry your entire sheet music library with you at all times, and also backup those files so they will never be lost.